I just joined StopFallingForScams about 10 days ago.

Here is my overview of how it works and the process of signing up.

*** If you’re going to join please join through my website – click here to go to it ***

You go to the website and David (the founder?) explains how everything works. The website doesn’t look the greatest but I think he has a valid point when he briefly talks about how people think you need a super cool looking website to make money. He says Craigslist is a really plain website and it still makes over $500 million every year.

The other thing I like is that he is upfront about everything. I’ve joined dozens of programs were I really didn’t know what I was getting in to. David tells you upfront that their are two membership options $0/year and $199/year.

When you go the website you click a link to join and you a survey pops up. Once you finish that survey you are in the program. Completing the survey sucked but I’ve completed hundreds of survey so it wasn’t too bad. (It took me about 12 minutes)

Once you join the program David tells you to sign up for 2 services. One is a CPA company called CPA Grip and the other is a company called SEO Clerks. Both are free. That took me about 3 minutes total.

The third and final step is to pick which plan you want and there are two options. One is the $0.00 option and the second is $199 per year. It’s kind of hard to explain but with the $0/month plan you’re probably not going to make as much money but I think you could still make money with it. I went with the $199 option but I didn’t pay that. When I signed up David allowed the option of paying what I felt was fair. You could pay as little as $9 a year and that’s what I chose. Why would I pay more than $9?! From what I understand my membership cost will always only be $9 a year.  I’m not sure if that option will be available when you join but it was for me.

After I signed up for the the “Elite Membership” for $9 / year I got an email from David asking for a couple pieces of information from CPAGrip and SEOClerks. It took me about 5-10 minutes to get him that information and my website was up and running in just over 3 hours.

Once my website was ready to go David sent me some information on how to market my website. I was a little worried about this because I’ve joined program in the past where the marketing sucked or was expensive but thankfully I haven’t found that to be the case with the StopFallingForScams program. The marketing program is really clever and easy to follow. I would recommend anyone join even if you just do the $0.00 plan because the marketing tools can easily be used on another business.

To make money with the program is pretty easy and I’ve had some success so far ($22.57 yesterday… woo-hoo!). You earn money in 2 ways with the program. The first way is by getting people to visit your website and join. When a person completes a survey and joins you will earn money. On the website David says it’s about $2 but so far I’ve averaged $1.71 per person. The second way you make money is through referral bonuses and that works in two ways. When someone completes a survey on your website they will then join CPA Grip and SEO Clerks. When the person who joined through your website gets their own website you will earn a 5% bonus on whatever they earn and you’ll earn a 10% bonus every time they use SEO Clerks. David says this is where the real money is and I can see it but I think it takes me to build to that point. He uses a crazy example where you could make $150,000 a month just in referral bonuses. I don’t know if I totally believe that’s possible.

Well, that’s pretty much it for this post. I just wanted to give you a brief overview of what to expect when you sign up. Oh and if you do sign up please do so through my website link right here.



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