About Me

Hi, my name is Jason. I live in San Diego California. I’m 27 years old. I have a girlfriend (Tanya), a dog (Chunk) and a cat (Ray). I work for AT&T but obviously my dream is to make enough money to give my boss the middle finger and do whatever it is I want.

I’m starting this blog to document my experience with StopFallingForScams.com. I just joined about 10 days ago. My goal is to update this website at least once a week with my thoughts and hopefully about how much money I’m making.

I’ve been trying to make money online for about three years now. The only money I ever made was through Google Adsense and that was for a blog I updated every day for almost a year. It was a ton of work and in total I only made $121. It was cool to get a check from Google but it was way too much work and so I let that website die and ended up not renewing the domain name when it came up for renewal.

Besides Google Adsense I was involved in a network marketing company called Herbalife, which nearly resulted in me having to declare bankruptcy. I’ve read a ton of ebooks and signed up for a number of survey websites (TakeSurveysForCash.com mostly) and didn’t even a penny from any of them.